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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early Spring

I really need to get better at taking photos, seriously, I just never find the time when trying to prepare 8 courses for 16 people. Note to self: make an extra plate, take photos of it, then eat it... or just taste it, move it to one side and get on with the next course!!

The supperclub last saturday was so much fun! Lots of new faces and, from the comments throughout, lots of happy diners! So much so that one diner, Victoria from Mouse & deLotz, asked if I'd like to hold a supper club there! So, after a rather enjoyable meeting this morning we have arranged one for Friday 12th April. Boom, just like that!!

So if you interested in coming along to this please get in touch with Victoria. Its a beautiful space on Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, where they serve up some quality flat whites, home made cakes and other delicious cafe fare. I'll be bringing my usual game face (ie smiling) along with some food that will make you smile too!

Other dates in April are the 20th & 26th, both are which are nearly full so if keen please do get in touch soon!

everyone hanging out in my flat

This is the menu from Saturday:

Spring has nearly sprung

16th march 2013

cardamon & lemongrass gin & tonic

bread n butter
homemade butter and clapton sourdough breads

psb with almond cream, leaves, lemon, anchovy dust w 65/65 egg

flaked salmon, fennel, apple, dill, chervil

fried packington chicken, coleslaw, smoked ketchup
(lucky fried chicken? chicken shop? Whatever)

17th century salad with a 21st century twist

beef ribs with green chilli, shallots, coriander, sweet potato

cheese w candied olive crumb n rhubarb compote, fresh basil

choc coffee delice, salted caramel , meringue, malt shake

gin fudge, white choc truffle

Two sourdough loaves, with homemade butter started the night off nicely. The purple sprouting broccoli we received that morning was stunning and tasted delicious, served up with an almond cream, anchovy salt (dehydrated anchovy, blitzed with salt) and a 65/65 egg. First tried this egg in Melbourne and thought it was amazing, cooked at 65c for 65mins, the white is just cooked yet melting in texture, so moreish and delicious!

The salmon was cured and then cooked gently with a touch of honey, just until the flakes oozed off, an absolute thing of pleasure and something that people really loved. 

Fried chicken, had to be done, and it was the best i've had in a long time (since the infamous jerk fried chicken night...) served up in 'takeaway' containers with red n white checked napkins. This is what I ate at 1am when I had finished clearing up!!

24 hour braised fore ribs, delicious 
This was followed by my Salmagundi salad, many flavours and textures, i even managed to get out onto the marshes in the morning, despite the rain, and pick some three cornered garlic to make a puree with for this course. Very tasty. Next the beef fore ribs which I had cooked at 65c for 24 hours, and finished with sweet potato puree, green chilli salsa for freshness and some toasted hazelnuts.

Robluchon cheese really kicks you in the nose, but its worth everybit of it. I paired it with candied olive (thanks James Knapett!) and poached rhubarb. The star of the show for many was the dessert; the idea being a deconstructed coffee, with a chocolate and coffee set mousse, salted caramel, malt milkshake and a muscavado meringue. I thought this was wicked. I took the left over meringue, carmel and shake to the bakery yesterday and gave everyone a taste, they thought it was special, lots of licked dough scrappers!!! (better than plates, canape idea if every hold a supperclub in the bakery!)

Petit fours were gin infused fudge and white chocolate and citrus truffles, rolled in pistachio & popping candy, fun!!

Again, just wish I had some more pics, the ones here are from my phone, bound to be poor quality but worth a giggle!

Some of the comment cards at the end
I should also mention the amazing gin that Ross Butler, a friend of mine from Hackney Wick, provided for the opening drink, its infused with lemongrass and cardamon, and was a delight with freshly sliced cucumber and tonic, here's a picture of the bottle, look out for it or get in touch with him!

Many thanks to all who came down, it was such a delight, the food and the people were awesome and in my opinion thats all that matters really!!

Stay happy n healthy ix

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