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Thursday, May 9, 2013

limited words, lots of love

I wish I could express all the emotions that have happened before during and after each of these shots, but I cannot. I'm no wordsmith or creator of meaningful prose. But I can make some tasty food and i'm pretty good at making people smile. So hopefully these images will convey some of the love and effort that have gone on behind the scenes to allow all these events to take place and run seemingly effortlessly! big thanks go out to everyone who was involved in any of the events of the last few weeks,  especially Mei Lin, Victoria, Ferdie, Hugo, Mark, Linda, James & the QDC lot and most notably Kat, cheers to you all, plus the rest of y'all! 


ps. James Caan mentioned us in his blog this week

pps. We took a warehouse space in Hackney Wick, incredibly exciting!!

these didnt make the cut


Ferdie of Foodlab fame

1 comment:

  1. That's amazing photography dude, so crisp, really shows off the amazing food!!! Ahem cough . . ;)