Supper Club & Secret Dining

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Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Friday 17th July: The Great American Chow Down at The House of Vans

We are also available to provide a unique catering experience for your private parties

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If you'd like to attend...

Dear people of the "I LOVE AWESOME FOOD!!!" variety, 

Welcome and thank you for being enticed into this ever growing gaggle of solidified molten wax fans.

The Candle Stick Maker events are all about enjoying yourself, having fun, meeting people with similar likes to you good self and maybe tasting some food you've never tried before. 

.....and a cocktail or two.

If this tickles your fancy, please get in touch asap and let me know numbers so I can book you in. Best option is email: but carrier pigeon will do. So long as I can cook it after.

For those who have never been to a Supper Club before or need a refresher, all the usual ideals apply, such as bring your own beverages, don't cancel last minute (or last 48hours really), tell your friends, know that it's not a restaurant, know that it's more than that, suggested donation of 35 pounds stirling, Any dietary requirements or dislikes please let me know with as much notice as physically possible and check with your guests too. 

Awesome, kindest regards as always


This could be you and your crew

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