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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Melba Launch n other things

a tad cringy me thinks, but needs must i suppose
Right, time for a quick recap as to what has been going on, cos I cant keep track of it and I know my friends who I see regular like to tease my sporadic, ever changing ways. I like spice, what can I say, & variety is one such spice. There's been supperclubs, both Candlestick and Ferdies Food lab, tastings in Canary Wharf (bizarre, always carry hi-vis is the lesson!!) lots of sourdough bread making, offers made on properties (still not returning my calls, highly unprofessional) and life being lived. Managed to squeeze in a late Valentines dinner too ( bubledogs-review.html) which went down awesomely well, though we were sat at the chefs table so wasn't really concentrating on conversation.... I tried!!

Most excitingly was the launch of Melba, a platform I've previously mentioned, all about Supperclubs, food, feasts and the like, plus ways of getting involved. I was fortunate enough to be invited to make a course for the launch, it was much fun as the photos will hopefully show, though I was slightly hungover due to the food and wine tasting the night before for a friends wedding, no spittoons provided!!


nearly ready, 45 plates, nice

I got to work with some other supper clubbers, The Wandering Chef and the Thinkers Balcony plus Tim from Salvation Jane. Everyone was awesome, despite a few kitchen space issues, all went smoothly, so hats off to the Melba team, especially Duncan and Elco, for what was a very fun and well received event. I hear the NYC launch was pretty sweet too, where was my invite? lol



Anyways, the dish was a version of a Salmagundi which is a multi component salad dating back to the 17th century, I've served this at a few supperclubs and really feel it excelled into something I was incredibly proud of, especially with the additional touches that I feel made it that extra bit special, such as dehydrated kiwi, hazelnut praline, 100% chocolate, and basically lots of awesome veg that was vibrant and delicious and interesting. I spent so long preparing the broccoli and cauliflower for example, trying to really showcase it for what it is. Try it, next time you prepare fruit or veg, look at it, feel it and respect it. Dont hack at it and boil the shit out of it. Love it, and it will love you back! lol!!

had to introduce the dish too,  rabbit in headlights!

a welcome beer

Got some nice blog reviews too for the event so check them out too. Next events are booked in for 16th March and 20th, 26th April, get involved.


Hope to see you soon,

much love as always


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