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Monday, January 28, 2013

Vegetarian Extravaganza!! 26th Jan 2013

Many many thanks to all those lovely people who came, ate, smiled and left, whilst smiling some more. I too was left smiling, admittedly slightly slumped in a chair with a glazed over look in my eyes and nursing half an armagnac, but smiling none the less!!

The vegetarian supperclub was so much fun, it was such a treat not to use meat but to really get excited about vegetables and to be creative with them, playing with textures & combinations and, despite the recent snow, still attempting to use mainly British produce. I should note that the risotto was something I tasted when working with Ben Spalding, and really wanted to recreate it!!
This was the menu:

Crude et tu”
Carrot Sticks cooked in Carrot Juice
Parsnip Sticks cooked in Cumin Milk
Pickled Potatoes

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Rustic Almond Pesto
Clapton Sourdough, Kimchi Sourdough, Raw Butter

17th Century Salad with a 21st Century Twist

Vacherin Risotto
With Barbecued Cucumber Juice Vinaigrette

Ode to a Cauliflower;
Spiced & Roasted, Pureed with Brown Butter & Romanesco
With Apple & Cumin

Ode to a Beetroot;
Marinated, Chutneyed, Crumbed & Wilted Leaves
With Goats Cheese Brulee

Fennel and Lemon Thyme Palate Cleanser

Chocolate Delice with Passionfruit Curd
Popcorn Pudding with Vanilla Salt Popcorn

Dark Chocolate and Lime Leaf Truffles

As we've just done two weekends back to back, therefore two blog posts back to back, i'll keep this one sweet and short. I think Kat is looking forward to having the flat back for a slightly longer period this time, deservedly so me thinks. Anyone who has been to the last three nights can vouch for her amazingness, she is. 

Next events are booked for 15th and 16th February, then its the 15th & 16th March, awesome, plus i've got a brunch pop up at Cakey Muto this coming Sunday (3rd Feb) so get down to Chatsworth Road Market and pop in and say hi!


Punchin it up with the Wassail

Crude et tu

Bread n soup



getting down with the fractals 

Ode to a cauli

Delice & popcorn pudding

Is there a better way to end the meal?

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