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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clapton sourdough in pictures

Sourdough bread, in pictures, cos I thought it would be fun!!

Now i've quit my job I supposedly have time on my hands (but where does it go?) so I have been feeding my mudda (name for future bakery?) to get it alive and kicking, and have been making sourdough every couple of days at home, fun and tasty too. Clapton sourdough, yeah!

Flour, water & mudda, with salt waiting to be added (apres autolyse)

Salt added, a few turns, some time and love later, see the gluten starting to develop
Gluten feeling good, no kneading, just fold n tuck, bit of the ol bulk fermentation init

pre shaping, rest then shape, boom
shaped and ready for final prove 

looking good, ready for the domestic oven me thinks

slice it up, preferably with a sharper blade!
out you go, razor work a bit dodgy here!
baked, check that crust!
delicious, 20% kamut flour too, almost creamy flavour, combined with spelt, wholemeal and white

Awesome, hope you enjoyed the breadmaking class, any q's please get in touch


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