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Monday, November 26, 2012

Next Candle Stick Maker Event!! Saturday 8th December 

I love it when a plan comes together. Words immortalised in my childhood by cigar totting, plan forming Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith. Words so true then as they are today. And when it does happen and that spark sparkles and you get all excited and ideas flow and you just cant write/draw things down quick enough, that's when you know its a good plan, one Hannibal would be proud of, one with no planes B.A. I promise.

So, Christmas is coming; everyones already cursing the music, the wrapping paper, the onslaught of perfume adverts, the juggling of families..... "Its still F*in November!" I hear people cry in shops, well actually thats in my head but I have a good imagination and know i'm not alone. 

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I say, plus, I secretly love Christmas as I'm a big kid and it always means copious amounts of food, friends and family, boom!! Hence why I decided on the following theme for our next event: 

A Proper Londoners Festive Feast: cultures from across London collide in a festive, debauched, indulgent tirade of tantalising titbits, tastes and troubadours. Knees up mother Brown indeed!

The plan is to celebrate the multi cultural flavour elements of life in London, part of what makes the capital such an awesome place to live. The menu is still being finalised and will be released next week, but expect the usual unexpectedness. Think flavour, think festive, think how awesome the food scene in London is, think how much fun you'll have, in fact don't think, just get booked in

For those who have never been before or need a refresher, all the usual supper club ideals apply, such as bring your own beverages, don't cancel last minute, tell your friends, know that it's not a restaurant, know that it's more than that, suggested donation of 35 pounds stirling, Any dietary requirements or dislikes please let me know and check with your guests too. 

Awesome, kindest regards as always


ps. below are just some shots from a brilliant Xmas spent in OZ not so long ago, made me smile

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