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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cake Poppin, Aint no Stoppin!

Cake poppin, it aint no stoppin!

March has been a crazy month, busiest yet with all sorts of events, canapes launches, dinners and yes, over a thousand cakepops! 

They are very simple but lots of fun and have provided many smiles and entertainment this month. The method is straight forward, make cake, crumble it up and make it into balls with the help of some chocolate or icing and stick it on a stick! You can go proper American with this and coat it in coloured sugared craziness or you can mix it up and go all natural with real chocolate, toasted nuts, sesame seeds. I couldnt resist doing some OTT hundreds & thousand stylings as wel, however the highlight was easiy the spray gun that I acquired and created sunset scenes, rainbows, all sorts of colourful bits, so much fun!!!

The key to the topping is choosing it ahead of time and make sure you apply it appropriately. If it needs sticking to the cake pop then dip the cake in melted chocolate, give it a swirl to remove the excess, then sprinkle on the decoration, leave to dry in a carefully prepared area (I stuck them in a polystyrene lid!) and crack on with the next one. If you want to paint them or apply swirls and twirls of chocolate then you will need to let the chocolate coating or icing set first. 

Then let your creativity get the better of you and have fun ix

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