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Monday, October 22, 2012

Memories of Taste, Saturday 10th November 2012

The next Candlestick Maker event needs YOU!!!!

Every so often i'll smell something or taste something that instantly grabs me and transports to some distant memory or sensation that I can't place and then suddenly it hits you.... "rhubarb and custard sweets!" or "me Mam's Yorkshires" or "urgh that potato is like the stuff they served at school with an ice cream scoop which they thought a decrepit sprig of curly parsley would make it taste better!?"

I want to try to recreate some of these memories, the good ones of course and thats where you come in.

I want to hear about your food memories. What flavours make you smile because they make you feel like a kid? What was your favourite meal your Mum (or Dad) made you? School, sweetshop, anywhere, anything. I've got my food memories which, I might add, were lots of fun recalling. Give it a go! Think about what foods sum up your childhood, good or bad, and please let me know!

The plan is to create a menu based around your responses with the hope, perhaps rather optimistically, of helping create some of those out of body, Anton Ego childhood flashbacks in Ratatouille style, memorable experiences. And there'll be cocktails on arrival too, sweet.

Interested? Get in touch, tell me your thoughts and get booked in.

For those who have never been before or need a refresher, all the usual supper club ideals apply, such as bring your own beverages, don't cancel

last minute, tell your friends, know that it's not a restaurant, know that it's more than that, suggested donation of 35 pounds stirling. Any dietary

requirements or dislikes please let me know and check with your guests too.

Kindest regards as always 

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