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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Asian Banquet 18th August

Sawardee Kap!!

I'm very behind on this ol blogging malarky and it seems this format is a bit out of whack so sincerest apologies for the appalling layout of this one! To be improved. Its a very quick one, thought best to get fingers to keys and include a few shots of the amazing Asian banquet we hosted in August.

We started off with a Thai inspired mojito which was filled with mint, lime, ginger, palm sugar, chilli and lemongrass, and of course rum! This packed a punch and the guests seemed pretty happy about it too!

We followed with various mouth watering courses; betel leaves with prawns, seabream parcels, Cambodian stlye pork shoulder. Favourites were definitely the beef ribs which we had marinated for 24hours then braised in coconut water and an array of spices and aromatics until they were falling off the bone, served with Nahm Jim, boom!

The Lychee jelly with mango sorbet was a hit too,  simple to make but difficult to source decent fresh lychees and rambuhtans in this colder climate. Went for a mixture of 'fresh' and tinned to bring the flavour out, set with agar agar. The mango sorbet was very fresh though, i liked. Others did too.
The days leading up to the event were lots of fun too, cycling all over London following leads and snippets I'd hear about the best Asian supermarkets in town. Often there would be bags attached to my bag flailling around, much like the motorbike drivers with their entire family strapped on throughout Asia! I found a fairly decent one just off into Knightsbridge where they make there own sauces and pastes to sell. I wish i'd brought a load but had no room in my bag! Longdans in Hackney is pretty sweet, still on the hunt for "the one."

Despite a few last minute cancellations, this was still one of my most enjoyable events yet as I had my brilliant friend Greg with my in the kitchen who is a fantastic chef and inspiration, and also the smaller group meant it was much more intimate and I was able to speak to all the guests afterwards as well! Brilliant!

If you want to know more about any of the dishes or future events, please get in touch, if you've got this far then I reckon you can figure out the rest


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