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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The first of many firsts

First blog, ever, quite exciting really.

Secret dining event, thats the plan, thats the reason for this shindig. Well the initial reason at least. So whats going down I hear you cry? Friday 27th April, the day before my mate Tim's 30th Birthday, and we're gonna be holding a night, a food night of the highest magnitude (hopefully), there's talk of making it Game of Thrones style as everyone seems to be chatting on about this at the mo. Think banquet stylee, extravegance, huge slowcooked meats, lots of flavours, freshness, fruit..... its springtime so I reckon there be lots of green things, lamb and early fruits, awesome. I think jugs of mead/ale/beer & wine will be undoubtably flowing.

For those who have never been to a secret dining ting, dont worry, it will be wicked and this first one will be a good little trial for all of us. Here's some pointers to remember:
-its not a restaurant, its way better!
-You could be sat with complete strangers, friends you havent met yet, chat away, you clearly have common interests.
-There's normally a suggested donation to cover costs and, in this case, give money to a great cause.
-Its BYO 
-It is a big grey area legally so dont ask, I dont know, its all good, claim ignorance, boom.
All the profit from the event is going to a charity that we worked with in India that our mate Tim was involved with. I'll get some more info about this and post it soon.

The finall location will be revealed to confirmed attendees the day before, part of the excitement and part of the organisational fun, plus the police are always monitoring me so gotta keep it on the down low.... 

Get in touch, let me know if you're keen, plan to use various social media forms to spread the word so if I hit you up a million times, my bad, still new to this shizzle. Will get better I promise!

safe x

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