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Saturday, September 28, 2013

a late September flourish

Most people are cursing the change in seasons, the hints of rain and the lack of sunshine. Pah I say, I think this is an awesome time of year, check out the trees and fields and everything thats changing and deeepening in colour. There's still berries clinging to branches, mushrooms are popping up, scarves are being dug out and, you may hate me for saying this, but christmas is coming which for me is brilliant. I absolutely love this period, not for religion or the coca cola santa, but what it means In Britain and the way we naturally move from light, leafy salads to earthy veg and onto hearty "Winter warmer' foods. We indulge in warmer drinks, gluhwein and mulled cider, spiced hot chocolate with rum. The movement from Halloween to Bonfire night to Christmas is still filled with outdoor adventures, all be it with more clothes on. But we've had an amazing Summer and Autumn is already feeling pretty sweet (apples and blackberries grow nearby!) and my Winter menu planning is getting me proper excited about whats to come!!

So put on a sweater, dig out your favourite scarf n boots, and get ready for the hibernation period which is often when so much comes to life.

Below are some recent photos from our events, still lovin it everyday!! ix

Dehydrated carrots with spiced milk foam

Local charcuterie from my mate Hugo's BlackHand Foods

Nduja, pickled apples, chicory, sweet peppers and sorrel

Rye breads, browned butter, honeycomb, bee pollen, oh and mead!

Deconstructed Knickerbocker Glory

BBQ action, smokin

She definitely needs a lick of paint. I still love her dearly though 

My version of a tamale using chard

Should of kept it a little further from the flame, but damn it tasted good!

Pisco Fuego event for PWC

Happy peeps I reckon!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Asian Banquet, food from my travels

Asian Banquet.

Wow this feels like so long ago!! Twas only 3 weeks but so much as happened since then, hence the lack of and delay in bloggin!

I think i ended up doing about 12 courses as many were little bites of fun, such as the momos from Tibet/north India which we served with a vegetable broth. When we were staying in the Himalayas this was what we ate and the family we were living with taught us how to make them. Simple little dumplings but oh so much fun! A community of farmers and preservers, they were an amazing bunch up there, blocked off from the rest of India by snow for the majority of the year, we were on a 60 hour bus journey there as got caught behind a landslide..... anyway I digress.

I made little Char Sui pork buns which I've wanted to make for so long as I absolutely love them! I used some of the belly to BBQ, well, first marinate overnight and then roast n baste which produced an incredibly moreish pork that I ate much of and used the rest the stuff some very simple dough which we then steamed. Delish.

The bread was sourdough of course and was laced with Kim Chi, which resulted in a super tangy and mind twitching bread. There were lots of demands for more, even after we ran out!!

We filleted and cured some trout which we then gently smoked to produce a rather delightful component to go on our betel leaves Thai street food style, mixed with peanuts, chillies, palm sugar, shrimp paste and a whole other array of goodies, frickin love this things!!

Malaysian inspired chicken skewers were awesome. Chicken thighs marinated over night in cumin, paprika, coriander, tumeric, curry powder and sugar, onto the skewers just before service and then grilled. I had to get the blow torch out to finish them off as the grill was weak. Plus I love getting the blow torch out. I'd wanted to set up a BBQ out front and do this course proper street style but figured some drunk passerby may start messing with it, I know I would!!!

We did a course of oyster po-boys which consisted of a deep fried oyster on a siracha laced lettuce leaf on sourdough baguette, a reference to the poor mans sandwich, apparently. Big thumbs up for this!

We made a really tangy sour orange curry using chillies and tamarind which we poached some pollack in and served with morning glory (a type of plant) and some long beans. Cleansing and happiness giving.

One of my favourite dishes of all time. This makes me smile from the inside out and really tickles me. Pork belly with holy basil and chillies. A really balanced sauce with palm sugar, a touch of fish sauce, ginger, garlic, chillies and lastly holy basil. With crisp belly pork I just melt, seriously.

The Vietnamese beef short rib was cooked overnight in coconut water and was melting by the time we served it. The accompanying salad of carrot, cabbage and onion with lemon juice, sugar and fish sauce served to cut through this rich dense deep piece of meat that was so good!!

The dessert always a favourite of mine was a spiced chocolate pudding with a lime marshmallow, peanut brittle and a raspberry foam. I thoroughly enjoyed making and serving this, balancing sweet with sharp and bitter whilst also playing with textures, joy!

I had a few puddings left so I ate one for breakfast the next day, bit of yoghurt and granola, yum!

I did actually eat two after dinner on the same day, sounds unbelievable but its incredibly and unfortunately true. Shame on me, sort of!!